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Skrevet af Kenneth.

Next concerts:

August 10 at 7.30 PM - Skovsgård Hotel, Hovedgaden 26, 9460 Brovst - Come Together Garden Party 

August 11 at 4 PM -  Jazz for Kids -  Huset, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg

August 18 - Saturday at 3 PM -  Jonstrup Jazz Festival, Jonstrup Gl. Seminarium, Jonstrupvangvej 150, Jonstrup, 3500 Værløse

September 8. Copenhagen Worldmusic Festival  Råhuset, Onkel Dannys Plads, 1711 København

December 1. at 9 PM Alicecph, Nørre Alle 7, DK-2200 København N


From the latest concert at Global in Copenhagen 

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 Everything sold out - no tickets at the door

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And a little fun: Klezmofobia without instruments?? - check this...